Month: July 2016



You have checked all your paperwork for the D-Day. It’s time now to scan through your wardrobe for that first lasting impression. Jotting down the essentials for the job, Pezalli put together the perfect look for beating the interview blues.

What NOT to wear for an Interview: Odd Jacket combination

You guessed it. An odd jacket combination won’t work unless it’s Saturday and you are planning for a quick brunch. Regardless of what job you’re applying for, a dark suit and a tie will rarely be the wrong choice. To be clear, a suit does not mean a mix and match trouser jacket for sure.



The Office Job: Classics all the way

If you interview for an office or corporate job, it is always safe to wear a dark suit and a regular tie. Even if nobody at that office wears a suit to work, showing up to the interview in business attire is a way of ensuring you appear serious.

Panellists may not be interested in your flair for style but in serious business. It’s not the right occasion to be flashy. The need of the hour demands a classic and well-cut suit. We recommend:

  • A solid navy suit, charcoal or a grey suit – 2 or 3 button single-breasted with notched lapels or double-breasted.

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  • Go for staples: a solid or striped white or light blue dress shirt with French cuffs and cuff links. Prefer a classic or semi- spread collar over button downs.

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Necktie  formula

A striped shirt will go with a solid and a solid shirt with polkas, micros or stripes. Muted colours in burgundy, mustard yellow, blue and bottle green are better than bright pink or bright blue. Try dazzling without the solid satin neckties.

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Do not wear bow ties as they may be perceived as too eccentric (read creative).

Pocket Square? O yes!

What is classic, non- flashy yet refined looking: a white TV fold pocket square. Go for a linen one to cut off the sheen. Some years back some interviewers might have considered it arrogant to wear a pocket square but today it is entirely acceptable. However, there may still be people out there who feel intimidated by individuals who wear pocket squares, and if you want to play it safe, you can skip the pocket square.


Dress up for the occasion. Go for a simple yet significant style and all the best with the interview part!