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There’s a reason why Essentials are called so. These are the staples which form the foundation of any wardrobe. A Tie is an understated wardrobe element which catalyzes a suave reaction. Now given a chance to shelf 5 neck-ties for your wardrobe war, Pezalli lists down the 5 most effective of the arsenal.

P.S. If you wish to find Trump wearing a blinding-red tie and making it to the list…stop reading!


  1. Navy silk grenadine

A plain navy tie is extremely versatile, going with almost all colors and patterns of shirts and jackets.

Grenadine is the most versatile tie material in terms of formality, going with all but the smartest suits and all but the most casual knitwear.

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  1. Grey knitted wool

Grey is not quite as versatile as navy. While navy ties go with navy suits, grey ties often aren’t the best choice with grey suits.

Still, grey is very useful, and a square-ended knitted wool tie will go with casual jackets and dress up some quality knitwear.

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  1. Navy club stripe

The nice thing about a club stripe is that it is big enough to go with any pattern of shirt, from a micro-stripe to a butcher’s stripe.

As a general rule of thumb, patterns in ties, shirts and suits work when they are not too close in size to each other. A club-stripe tie always avoids that problem.

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  1. Red Paisley

The pattern is so useful, I would include two in the capsule collection. Well, a paisley scores well on occasions where fancy counts. This one usually helps during pimping up your dull-navy or black suits. And as we say, nice simple pattern that goes with everything.

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  1. Olive printed tie with black geometrical pattern

It’s not an obvious choice: a green background, with small texture or polkas popping out. Fairly unusual colors; yet it is extremely useful.

The reason is how muted these colors incredibly well blend. For uncalled invitations where you’ll not be perceived as ‘Just another tie guy in the room.’

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Dressing up a CEO

Clothes make a man!
That statement is even truer in today’s fiercely competitive business world than when Shakespeare wrote it. In fact, studies show that a man who dresses as if he already has the higher position he wants, is much more likely to get it.


The global CEO is no longer a mythical being only in magazines, but a reality of the Indian workplace. So, unless like Mark Zuckerberg or Steve Jobs, wearing one outfit to work every day is your style, a razor sharp dress code needs to be in place for anyone with that corner office.

How does a CEO power dress for that lasting impression on his audience- clients, employees or a gathering?
Bespoke clothing, of course, gives you the luxury of a style that is individual. Pezalli brings you some golden rules to spruce up your CEO wardrobe.

Choose what you wear depending on your stature and position:
Your image is your most valuable marketing tool and your wardrobe is one of your most important investments. You should have appropriate attire for all occasions, from power suits for business and board meetings to sophisticated business causal ensembles for more relaxed meetings or social engagements that fit your body well and doesn’t dangle.

SAFBo1 448.jpg

A Grey 2-piece matched with 2 shirts: purple and white, and
Navy 2-piece matched with 2 shirts: sky blue royal Oxford and a sharp white Royal Oxford.
Hide your imperfections through a bespoke-tailored shirt:
Imagine never again having to settle for a shirt that fits right in some areas but not in others. A well-fitted shirt is a must aspect in a CEO’s wardrobe. It’s not the imperfections that we actually hide, but the body form which we refine through our bespoke shirt. We want all men to visually appear Y and a good V shape body. For instance, leaving up a little fabric to accommodate a belly while keeping the waist and back snugly fit goes into our ‘tailoring book of smart hacks.’
Use complementary cuts, colours and styles:
If you have ever wondered why certain personalities look better in their photographs or public appearances, then there is a science behind it.
Style personalities, skin tone, body proportions and contrast features are a few classifications and parameters based on which the clothes can be chosen to best compliment you. Identifying these parameters helps you to understand what fits and cuts, designs, lines, prints, textures and colours suit your body shape and skin tone based on your style personality.


Higher the fabric count, lighter the fabric emotes luxury:
he drive to make millions may not have diminished much in the last 20 years, but the weight of a suit’s fabric certainly has. Lighter wool–made from a finer, smaller yarn–is increasingly being used in men’s winter and summer suits.
In shirting fabrics too, a 200 count fabric and Italian fabrics speak in itself about luxury. The incomparable sartorial experience of a Pezalli bespoke dress shirt begins with the fabric.
Invest in a sharper look:
Impeccably tailored and elegantly styled clothes can make that lasting impression about one’s personality. A well-dressed man is more confident and more assertive.
Clothes should be well fitted with no excess fabric for the neater, dapper and a more confident look. A few tips from us
Slim figures to wear slim fit Italian cuts.
Rectangular figures to wear comfort fits British cuts.
Round figures to wear regular American cuts.
Choose an expert image/wardrobe consultant to polish your appearance.

SAFBo1 397.jpg

Style consultants communicate your visual power to the world. The cost of clothing must be looked upon as an investment. For these reasons, it’s best to seek the advice of certified experts of the trade! A good wardrobe consultant, by carefully crafting your image, will make you look and feel great, exude power, and communicate effectively, thus making you more successful.
Accessories-the devil is in the details:
A smart belt can spruce up an otherwise sober or dull outfit. Always match your belt to your shoes in terms of colour and shade. Also a belt is vital, if your pants are a comfort fit, simply to give form to the garment.
Your clothes should be sharp and flatter your physique and your accessories should form an accent or punch line that creates your signature.
Films and artists are great inspiration for the man feeling a little left-of-centre; The Talented Mr Ripley comes to mind here.

Gear up for that First Date


One must dress to impress but remember not to go overboard on a first date trying. It’s important to stick to your own individual style. You need to find a balance, some way to get a little of that individuality across without being completely overwhelming. Unless you are David Beckham, your first impression really does count.

It’s probably the most important thing to take note off. So make sure you are well groomed and dressed right for the occasion. A detail-lover will look out for the shoes, tie and even the cologne that you carry Attention to detail is a must.

Going out with her, especially for the first time, is an occasion. Dress for it. Don’t sweat the tie, but a jacket would be an excellent idea. Unless your destination requires a tie, a well-fitted shirt with a casual jacket sets a perfect dressing statement.


Don’t wear anything to which the words “zany” or “interesting” might apply on your T-shirts or even Jokes on the T shirt. However for casual settings like a going to a movie, or out for coffee, choose clean jeans that are in good condition or casual dress pants and a nice T-shirt or button down top.

Wear Color: It may be just nice to stay away from black ensembles, black and muted colors.


Wear your best shoes: If you’re dressing up a bit, make sure you have a pair of black or dark brown dress shoes to go with your attire. If the date is more casual, wear a nice pair of slip-ons or clean sneakers. Women notice good shoes.

A good semi-casual outfit would be nice jeans, a jewel-tone sweater over a basic button-down. Add a pair of casual shoes and you’re good to go.


Wear what you’re comfortable in. Don’t try a new trend or outfit on a first date. Chances are you’ll feel uncomfortable in it and that will make you come off as an uncomfortable to your date. Stick to the outfits that you know

Play up your unique style. Don’t go overboard on a first date trying to show how different you are from everyone else, but do try to demonstrate some sort of individuality in your choice of outfit. You need to find a balance, some way to get a little of that individuality across without being completely overwhelming. Try for patterned socks of some fun design. Don’t wear plain old boring white socks, mix it up a little.

Flatter your best features. If you want to emphasize your best physical traits, so choose what your date is drawn to. Of course your date will hopefully be drawn to your personality, too, but first impressions tend to come from looks and showing your best physical attributes will benefit that first impression.

Pay attention to how your clothing fits. Trousers that are too tight look odd, and too baggy look sloppy and like you don’t care about the date. Make sure your trousers fit well around the waist – you should be able to put three fingers comfortably in the waistband, but not much more – and that the hems hit around the bottom of your ankles.


Find colors that work for you. When you’re picking out a shirt, choose a shade that flatters your natural coloring. Navy is a universal color. To highlight black hair and bright fair skin, try bright colors. If you are low on contrast on your face best wear muted or soft shades of a color like a maroon and not red. However if you wear specs you can spruce up your contrast with color of your specs and carry colors on yourself too. If you have light skin light colors like pastel summer colors enhance your skin tone better. Wear your best colors which enhance your face and bring attention to your face and not your clothes. It is fine to wear Signature elements like a nice pair of watch, belts and right shoes which get attention and portray your style and refined taste.

Your body shape also determines the colors you can wear. For taller men, contrasting the top and bottom of the attire should come as a priority for the proportionate look. Go for a darker shade of blue and light coloured trousers that horizontally creates a line for colour breaking. Shorter and heavier men should go for the Matching technique. Simply match the colour and intensity of your blue ensemble to give yourself a thinner and taller look.

Not all wardrobes hold dynamism. Sophistication comes with the Neutral colour family. Dress in shades of Black, white, grey or beige. A light blue shirt when paired with a neutral coloured trouser makes it a perfect set up for the impeccable and stunning look.

The way you dress can quite possibly be an indicator of your attitude and one tends to look for clues through this.  Make sure that your outfit sends the appropriate signals


Welcome to Pezalli Bespoke Style Blog.

We asked Ms. Anupama Sachdeva, Creative Head of Pezalli Bespoke to give her input on the trends for the upcoming season for men. Here are some of the key A/W 2015 trends in menswear as defined by her:

  • Key print:Checks:

Head to toe colour in checks. The best way to work checks into your daily wardrobe is through tailoring. Be it the blazer, trousers or full suit, checks will be the key print for the formal wear.

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  • Key color: Pink

Salmon pink will be a hot color for formal wear.A hot pink tie would look great set against a navy suit and light blue combination. Pink comes in a variety of shades, opt for the tone best suiting your skin tone and build up for there.

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  • Trouser style: Wide cut

Wide cut trouser will be in trend instead of the traditional slim –cut styles. Just bear in mind your overall silhouette.

 Dunhill Men's RTW Spring 2016

 Dunhill Men’s RTW Spring

  • Head to toe Neutrals:

Black, grey and white head to toe tonal dressing is advocated for the A/W 2015 season. Majority of men already own a wide variety of neutral pieces, so this trend can be experimented with what you have already.


Hope you enjoyed reading about the A/W 2015 key trends. Which trend are you excited about out of these?