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It’s been quite a while since we have documented our fanatics for tailored clothing. Bespoke is as subtle and debonair as it sounds. An experience to the world of impeccability and savoring the refined taste need absolute patience and trust.

Here, we chalk down the philosophies we abide by at Pezalli while we constantly practice the skill of perfection: Bespoke Tailoring.  


  •  We are passionate about quality, just like an obstinate child sitting in front of a toy shop. Everyone should invest more in quality clothing. It’s the only reason to care about craft and artisanal skills.

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  • Fit is the most important thing in tailored clothing. If you can’t afford a bespoke suit or shirt, at least spend a little more to get it altered. But the tailoring aficionados find it always better to go bespoke rather than shelling out a bomb and then trying to fit in.”

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  • It is the attention to detail and the joy of aesthetics that forms the emotional dimension of bespoke pieces. Impeccably tailored and elegantly styled clothes can make that lasting impression about one’s personality.

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  • Always travel with a white poplin (or oxford) shirt and navy smart-fit trousers.



  • Rely on your own judgment for clothing. Until a certified style coach is detoxing your closet, you needn’t listen to every chunk of the people around. Fight for your favorites but don’t get buried too deep with your limited knowledge. If a powder blue is replaced by a navy, don’t sulk over it.

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  • “Style is relative. It’s hard to admit, but it’s true. If everyone you know dressed just like you, you’d want to dress differently.” 




Just like LBD (little black dress) is a staple outfit in any well-dressed woman’s wardrobe, a crisp black shirt is a must-have piece of clothing for a well-groomed man. There are always ways to wearing a black shirt and keep a few things in mind on how to pair it and with what.

The key to wearing a black shirt is ideally to team it with a different-colored, preferably, a light-colored jacket, so that there is good contrast. Though for some, pulling off black on black works wonders, not all can carry that well. So, it is best to keep your skin color in mind too before going all black.

Black is a classic and prestigious color and symbolize strength and authority. Though it can possibly match up with almost any color, but maybe, too much of contrast at times gives it an aggressive color scheme.Matchbox 73449

Before deciding to wear a black shirt, it is important to remember that complexion of a person also matters a lot. Though any man can wear a black shirt, but only men with dark hair and anywhere from medium to darker colored skin tone can pull it off well. It is quite simple – the color is not overwhelming on the person and does not create a stark contrast.

Yet another thing to keep in check is to balance the contrast in case you have a fair complexion. For, a black shirt may make your face stand out due to the sharp contrast.

It is best to try and avoid wearing a black shirt with navy-colored trousers or anything with black. Try and tone down the contrast with a light tan colored trouser or jacket or a grey jacket or trousers.

Last but not the least, be a little careful with black and don’t get the pairing up with trousers or jackets wrong.