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The sartorial classic list will always have this one item which has been the game changer for most of the occasions: A Blazer. Job interviews, first date, weekend brunch and it goes on.

But styling one isn’t always easy. Indeed, too many men spend valuable time trying to pair a blazer and trousers – time they could be using to do more important things like, you know, playing video games.

Pezalli has compiled this handy list of the best blazer-trouser combinations, so you can spend less time deciding what to wear and more time wearing it.


Navy Blazer + Beige Chinos

The universal choice, a blind pick and  an undisputed champion. If this combination of two quintessential menswear colours can’t make you look good, then we’re not sure what else will.


A structured blazer and a sports jacket- honours the look pretty well. Colour code: NAVY (we say NAVY, not midnight or royal blue) and let the occasion dictate your choice of chinos: flat-front for casual dress codes; pleat-front for something that’s a touch smarter.

Tweed/Wool Blazer + Jeans

Life is not always about suits and boots. (Though boots look good). For the times when pocket square bewilders you and lapel game dulls you- rough your things up as you go from subtler halls to tougher towns.


A textured  wool blazer with jeans (personal favourite) won’t make you look off the place while ensuring your debonair doesn’t slip.

Patterned Blazer + Neutral Trousers

OK, so the blazer is sometimes boring, we get it. Well let’s accept the fact straight- if a plain colour style has already started working as a sedative, then perk your look up with some pattern.


It doesn’t have to be much – just a subtle check like the etched windowpane or even a chalk-stripe is enough to break the fashion monotone. Go for ‘not so fancy’ combinations till you attain the Jared Leto status!


3 Colours you never thought you could Wear

“A wardrobe without black and navy is not a wardrobe”, said a man who avoided vivid colours like the plague.

There’s a reason why men escape colour coding. And it’s because they don’t want to look like a box of crayons trying to make their way through the rows of greys and blues.

Pezalli is here to expand your colour palette and add some statement pieces in the list. So next time when you find yourself dwindling between the blue and the black, make sure you don’t choose any of them.


When we say pink, you don’t always have to go imagining Nicky Minaj’s underwear or Barbie’s streaks. The vibrant colour is breaking the stereotype and has already booked its position in the modern man’s wardrobe.

Now’s the time, however, to rediscover pink’s not so feminine charms. A bubble gum shade is not in the list. Go for subtler ones like peach, rose and salmon. (Trying a vibrant shade is not a crime, but go for minimal additions initially, such as a neck tie and later strive for a double-breasted jacket)

Washed out pinks carry a different style statement than vibrant pinks. Earthy tones go well with faded pieces such as washed denims.

Corporate torsos need not worry. We got ample of pinks to pep up the formal dressing. Pair up a salmon pink banker collar with your grey 3-piece. Voila! Y’all set to rock at workplace.

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Popularly known as the ‘new’ black in the circuit, green is going places: from jackets to full suits. A green for your suit is not the one which you see in the park. Green also reads less obviously gendered than other bright colours. So, unlike pink, you can pile it on without fear of prompting digs from your mates.

A starter pack to green usually starts with military olive. A suede sports jacket or a pair of trousers in this colour is a win-win situation: they’re both trending and won’t ever fall apart if paired with right amount of earthy tones.

Try building your wardrobe around the earth tones. Reason being, it takes a very little effort to pair them up together. Count on to deep reds, blues (yes you have to use this) and light neutrals to make green go the extra mile.

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The idea is to introduce a colour without making you look like a canary. It stands on the ground of being a little tricky to pair, but far too expressive and powerful when it comes to adding it in your wardrobe.

When we say yellow, we definitely mean mustard and to some extent chrome yellow too. A double- breasted jacket works well with neutrals, while a trouser would go well with stark, say navy combinations.

It’s just as important on the inside as on the outside. Unless you are way too ready for experiments, go for less visible pieces instead of a full suit. Or if you don’t want the overpowering yellow to be the odd one in the crowd, work it out with the layering technique. It’s hard to imagine yellow in a subtle role, but pocket squares and ties have always been in the scene and trust us, you got to have one of the sets.

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In a nutshell, yellow has finally seen the dawn of wardrobes, crawling slowly up from the streets to a little more refined version.

P.S.: A little tan may work best while showing off your new yellow picks.


Summer Suit Guide

Summer is here and so is the heat! Although summer months call for a more relaxed and laid back vibe, it can’t be translated into clothing as there is no excuse for unprofessional attire at workplaces. Every workplace has a different dress code, but if you want to make a statement it’s very important to stand out and what better way to do it than take the summer months as an excuse to get experimental and trendy with suits.

The thumb rule :

First and foremost it’s very important to know what to look for in a summer suit. When choosing a summer suit, the key is to opt for a lightweight fabric, preferably even light colored. Try to go for something unlined or even half lined. Though it will be less bulky and may provide less form, but will also provide ventilation and help to keep cool in this scorching heat. Another tip to remember is to give preference to loosely woven fabrics as they provide more air flow.

Summer suit colours, fabrics and trends :

Lightweight fabrics like linen and cotton are ideal for the summer although, a cotton linen blend would be more functional for workplace attire as linen has a tendency to get wrinkled easily. The most popularly worn colours to be worn in the season are Khaki, Beige, summery light Greys and baby Blues. For a semi formal attire, we would recommend the Seersucker suit for its fun playful stripes and airy feel. The chambray and fresco suits are recommended for a more formal look.

If you are open to experiments:

Feel like a lazy Sunday but have to go for a brunch? Try the new short suit trend for a semi formal, more relaxed look.

Want to go slightly bolder and make a statement? Experiment with a printed suit on a night out.

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 Pezalli says:  Attention to detail is a must when it comes to being well dressed in a suit, so don’t forget to accessorize with statement accessories like pocket squares, bright socks, patterned ties, interesting watches, sunglasses and tie pins.


A well styled wardrobe can make or break your impression in the world; therefore a well styled and groomed man definitely attracts everyone. Men’s styling is mostly given lesser importance leaving the guys around with little knowledge about fashion, trends, what suits them and what not, what best style and cuts they can carry with their body type, etc. To break all these barriers, we bring bespoke clothing that focuses on customization, fit and colour coordination of men’s clothing.  At Pezalli, we work with customers to analyse many factors, from personality, colour suitability to body type analysis.

Let’s start with first things first. A simple shirt can be a work of art defining who you are and a bespoke shirt becomes the measure of a man, because it is cut to his exact measurements and perfected through several fittings. A bespoke shirt includes expert style consultations, advising in the choice of design details, fabrics and colours that best suit each individual’s physique, skin tone and lifestyle.

Let’s begin with the most staple element of a man’s wardrobe: A blue shirt. A plain blue shirt can work wonders if paired correctly depending upon the right colour coding. Choose the right blue that suits your skin tone. Muted skin men would go well with powder blue, while the darker complexions don pop colours like medium blue. Pair it up with brown pants for the contrasting look, or with grey trousers if you want some neutral balance or put on a navy trouser for the monochromatic scheme. A greyish-blue shirt with charcoal grey trousers or a light blue shirt with khaki trousers can be listed as safe experiments. Or else go for the traditional strong contrast of ‘white shirt-midnight blue trousers’ for the dapper look.

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Not all custom wardrobes hold dynamism. Sophistication comes with the Neutral colour family. Dress in shades of Black, white, grey or beige. A light blue shirt when paired with a neutral coloured trouser makes it a perfect set up for the impeccable and stunning look.

For taller men, contrasting the top and bottom of the attire should come as a priority for the proportionate look. Go for a darker shade of blue and light coloured trousers that horizontally creates a line for colour breaking. Shorter and heavier men should go for the Matching technique. Simply match the colour and intensity of your blue ensemble to give yourself a thinner and taller look.

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Matching and Contrasting are the principal guides to the ‘Correct Colour Coding.’ Pair up a dark blue tie with a pale blue shirt or a greyish-blue suit for that perfect colour harmony. Simple, elegant yet classic. Substitute a red or maroon tie in this getup, and you have a fairly decent colour contrast.

While we choose ‘the Blue’ as our top pick, we can’t ignore the strong contrasting elements such as navy suit and white shirt. Nor can we deny the classic black and white formal wear which never fails to complement all the skin tones and physiques.


Summers tend to be hard on everyone, therefore choose a fabric that is light. 100% cottons and linens work the best. Pastels of blue and yellow undoubtedly remain the colours of the season. And for all those formal occasions, a standard double breasted dark blue blazer and a two button are our favourites.



Welcome to Pezalli Bespoke Style Blog.

We asked Ms. Anupama Sachdeva, Creative Head of Pezalli Bespoke to give her input on the trends for the upcoming season for men. Here are some of the key A/W 2015 trends in menswear as defined by her:

  • Key print:Checks:

Head to toe colour in checks. The best way to work checks into your daily wardrobe is through tailoring. Be it the blazer, trousers or full suit, checks will be the key print for the formal wear.

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  • Key color: Pink

Salmon pink will be a hot color for formal wear.A hot pink tie would look great set against a navy suit and light blue combination. Pink comes in a variety of shades, opt for the tone best suiting your skin tone and build up for there.

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  • Trouser style: Wide cut

Wide cut trouser will be in trend instead of the traditional slim –cut styles. Just bear in mind your overall silhouette.

 Dunhill Men's RTW Spring 2016

 Dunhill Men’s RTW Spring

  • Head to toe Neutrals:

Black, grey and white head to toe tonal dressing is advocated for the A/W 2015 season. Majority of men already own a wide variety of neutral pieces, so this trend can be experimented with what you have already.


Hope you enjoyed reading about the A/W 2015 key trends. Which trend are you excited about out of these?