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  1. The White Poplin: Do we even need to do this? Well if you say so. Easily the most versatile of the lot. Pairing them up is no fuss. Sweaters, cardigans, suits, trousers, denims…Yes!


  1. The Light Blue Poplin: Not as good as white but still makes it to the list (Just kidding. It’s as good as having a White, but let’s keep both). When we say Light blue, it’s neither royal nor pale blue. Just the classic light blue with white buttons. Share his best friends with the White poplin.


  1. The Bold Gingham: A chequered member. Gingham checks for the time when you want to aim for ‘Safe Experiments’. We leave the colours up to you. (P.S. We love Blues and Blacks)


  1. A weekender Black: When you want to take down Saturday on the rocks! Don’t miss out this flamboyant colour. Go formal with beige contrasts or play the dapper Gent with an All-Black attire!


  1. Tartan Flannel Shirt: Let’s take a moment to thank the Scots for this undisputed champion design. Your wardrobe needs some of these to help you decide during the fall. For the days when you don’t want to pull up your sweaters but you feel cold in a crew neck tee. A little tricky for Corporate honchos but Creatives have never recorded a failure with this one!







Style is something very individual, very personal. Everyone, we believe, in their own way is stylish. You may not speak as much as your dressing sense does it for you. Pezalli brings to you ‘the Style guide index.’ With each one having its distinct traits and characters, read on to know more which truly defines you

The Charming:

Cashmere, silk, velvet, dress shirts with French cuffs and great importance on finer details: the romantic personalities tend to dress appropriately for the occasion. This brand conscious category exude richness and make sure that people around notice them as well. Well how often do you see Mr SRK and Ryan Gosling donning a well-groomed and tidy hairstyle? Every time! There you have your Romantic style icons to look up to then.

Picture2    Picture3

Corporate Clan:

You are the ‘I-like-it-the-Savile-Row-way’ person, business wear is your everyday comfort and you opt for classic colour combinations, call yourself a Classic Personality then. You like to appear well turned-out for the occasions and you prefer ageless perfection over fashion accessories. A quality classic wristwatch & casual but a refined, formal look is all that you need to share the Classic style personality line along with George Clooney and Tom Cruise.

Picture5    Picture4

Creative Wizards:

Next we have is the Creative style personality. They have a flair for experiments, are unpredictable and may fall in the list of artists or poets. You are a fun with your wardrobe and never fear the opinion of others! The Caribbean Pirate from Hollywood and the Bollywood Shehenshah are the most celebrated creative style icons. Known for their brave style combinations and Expressionism, they are, in a true sense the Creatives of the Style World.

Picture6   Picture7

The Trend setters:

Remember Ranveer Singh’s floral fetish and an equally upright moustache mania? The loud Bollywood lad defines the next category of the style personality: Dramatic. The serious fashion followers are the dramatic group of the style personalities. You love shopping to the core and socializing too. And you equally love head-turners gazing at you. Practically pondering, Practicality is not a consideration for you! ‘Style seriously and enjoy’ is the style mantra for the Dramatic personality enthusiasts.

P.S. Add Russell Brand in the list too.

Picture8   Picture9

The Naturalists:

Nothing is more easy yet defining other than the naturalists. The fifth style personality is way more relaxing and subtle: The Natural style personality. Grooming comes as a necessary chore for you. That’s Salman Khan, if you don’t think that celebrities don’t believe in naturalistic appeal. There’s nothing wrong in choosing practicality over making statement and the Natural style personalities know it the best. Casual & sportswear make up most of your wardrobe. Favourite footwear: Trainers and sandals. Natural personalities hardly debate over the choice of clothes and often wear whatever is at hand.


FORMALLY FESTIVE (or the other way round)

The wedding season’s here folks! With the wedding bells ringing just round the corner, dressing up sharp and perfect for the occasion comes as an added responsibility.

The easy way out is to put in a little effort and generate a bigger impact. The subtlety chain shouldn’t be broken either. Right, power dressers?

So, our idea revolves around the basic silhouettes with a slight festive twist. Go for what suits you the best, where fit and comfort still tops the chart. But breaking the stereotypical and monotonous images of suits and jackets, we present to you the Wedding wear hacks for the season:

Motifs all the way

How to identify festive season motifs that are not too obvious? Paisleys, anyone?! And we are not talking about the dress for the groom. The all-over printed paisleys is ‘The thing’ this season. Look around yourself and see what the surroundings are at this time of year. Go beyond the shapes and contours, and figure out your motif mantra for this wedding season.


Colours and Textures

In terms of colours, you will probably identify not only green and red, but also the staple blacks and the blues in a different avatar. The story for 2015 narrates a different theme all together. Moving away from the pastels, this wedding season is dedicated to the deeper colours.  In case you were following one of those old sayings, like “green and red should never be met”, it’s time to change your tune and say “green and red are OK to be met”. These two colours, even though they are individually very bright and strong, go well together, as they fall under the complimentary colour scheme (meaning they are on opposite sides of the spectrum) and therefore can be matched well.

Other things you might notice around you are the wonderful patterns that seem to emerge this time of year. From checkers to beige drawings, you will see it all. Tonal checks take a leap ahead and lead the pack. Style it with a coloured pocket square or a lapel pin, not for the boardroom but for the big fat Indian wedding!

To continue, you will also see a lot of shine. There’s no better time than the festive season to experiment with shine. Velvet bandh galas with V-cut lapel (they still are bandh galas) are the new entrants this year. A slight sheen on the surface is working well too. The formal suits may carry a shiny shirt or a pair of shiny shoes.


Our Pick:

Tuxedos make a great formal wear and Coloured ones, well they make a great visual impact. It can be special not only in terms of colour, but in terms of fabric as well.

Being a strong fashion piece, coloured tuxedos can be a good monotony breakers. While generally a tuxedo is black, a colourful one will keep the elegance and formal tone second to expressions and style. Of course, you don’t necessarily need to wear a tuxedo. Opt for a velvet jacket, or a paisley bandh gala or whatever inspires you to look suave and dashing. Taking a regular blazer or jacket to the next level needs no science now. Make sure you are wearing the perfect fit and leave the rest upon the scintillating style of the attire.

Against Nature lookbook photographed by Rose Callahan in NYC on March 15, 2013


Welcome to Pezalli Bespoke Style Blog.

We asked Ms. Anupama Sachdeva, Creative Head of Pezalli Bespoke to give her input on the trends for the upcoming season for men. Here are some of the key A/W 2015 trends in menswear as defined by her:

  • Key print:Checks:

Head to toe colour in checks. The best way to work checks into your daily wardrobe is through tailoring. Be it the blazer, trousers or full suit, checks will be the key print for the formal wear.

SAFBo1 525

  • Key color: Pink

Salmon pink will be a hot color for formal wear.A hot pink tie would look great set against a navy suit and light blue combination. Pink comes in a variety of shades, opt for the tone best suiting your skin tone and build up for there.

SAFBo1 481

  • Trouser style: Wide cut

Wide cut trouser will be in trend instead of the traditional slim –cut styles. Just bear in mind your overall silhouette.

 Dunhill Men's RTW Spring 2016

 Dunhill Men’s RTW Spring

  • Head to toe Neutrals:

Black, grey and white head to toe tonal dressing is advocated for the A/W 2015 season. Majority of men already own a wide variety of neutral pieces, so this trend can be experimented with what you have already.


Hope you enjoyed reading about the A/W 2015 key trends. Which trend are you excited about out of these?