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  1. The White Poplin: Do we even need to do this? Well if you say so. Easily the most versatile of the lot. Pairing them up is no fuss. Sweaters, cardigans, suits, trousers, denims…Yes!


  1. The Light Blue Poplin: Not as good as white but still makes it to the list (Just kidding. It’s as good as having a White, but let’s keep both). When we say Light blue, it’s neither royal nor pale blue. Just the classic light blue with white buttons. Share his best friends with the White poplin.


  1. The Bold Gingham: A chequered member. Gingham checks for the time when you want to aim for ‘Safe Experiments’. We leave the colours up to you. (P.S. We love Blues and Blacks)


  1. A weekender Black: When you want to take down Saturday on the rocks! Don’t miss out this flamboyant colour. Go formal with beige contrasts or play the dapper Gent with an All-Black attire!


  1. Tartan Flannel Shirt: Let’s take a moment to thank the Scots for this undisputed champion design. Your wardrobe needs some of these to help you decide during the fall. For the days when you don’t want to pull up your sweaters but you feel cold in a crew neck tee. A little tricky for Corporate honchos but Creatives have never recorded a failure with this one!






3 Colours you never thought you could Wear

“A wardrobe without black and navy is not a wardrobe”, said a man who avoided vivid colours like the plague.

There’s a reason why men escape colour coding. And it’s because they don’t want to look like a box of crayons trying to make their way through the rows of greys and blues.

Pezalli is here to expand your colour palette and add some statement pieces in the list. So next time when you find yourself dwindling between the blue and the black, make sure you don’t choose any of them.


When we say pink, you don’t always have to go imagining Nicky Minaj’s underwear or Barbie’s streaks. The vibrant colour is breaking the stereotype and has already booked its position in the modern man’s wardrobe.

Now’s the time, however, to rediscover pink’s not so feminine charms. A bubble gum shade is not in the list. Go for subtler ones like peach, rose and salmon. (Trying a vibrant shade is not a crime, but go for minimal additions initially, such as a neck tie and later strive for a double-breasted jacket)

Washed out pinks carry a different style statement than vibrant pinks. Earthy tones go well with faded pieces such as washed denims.

Corporate torsos need not worry. We got ample of pinks to pep up the formal dressing. Pair up a salmon pink banker collar with your grey 3-piece. Voila! Y’all set to rock at workplace.

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Popularly known as the ‘new’ black in the circuit, green is going places: from jackets to full suits. A green for your suit is not the one which you see in the park. Green also reads less obviously gendered than other bright colours. So, unlike pink, you can pile it on without fear of prompting digs from your mates.

A starter pack to green usually starts with military olive. A suede sports jacket or a pair of trousers in this colour is a win-win situation: they’re both trending and won’t ever fall apart if paired with right amount of earthy tones.

Try building your wardrobe around the earth tones. Reason being, it takes a very little effort to pair them up together. Count on to deep reds, blues (yes you have to use this) and light neutrals to make green go the extra mile.

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The idea is to introduce a colour without making you look like a canary. It stands on the ground of being a little tricky to pair, but far too expressive and powerful when it comes to adding it in your wardrobe.

When we say yellow, we definitely mean mustard and to some extent chrome yellow too. A double- breasted jacket works well with neutrals, while a trouser would go well with stark, say navy combinations.

It’s just as important on the inside as on the outside. Unless you are way too ready for experiments, go for less visible pieces instead of a full suit. Or if you don’t want the overpowering yellow to be the odd one in the crowd, work it out with the layering technique. It’s hard to imagine yellow in a subtle role, but pocket squares and ties have always been in the scene and trust us, you got to have one of the sets.

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In a nutshell, yellow has finally seen the dawn of wardrobes, crawling slowly up from the streets to a little more refined version.

P.S.: A little tan may work best while showing off your new yellow picks.